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The decision to go face or trade is one of the toughest things to do in Hearthstone, as the situation seems to be unique is many cases. In constructed, trading ranges from never to always, while in the Arena, it all depends on the board and game state. And as such, minions vary in their ability to go face. Some minions like Wobbling Runts are much more useful when trading into something, and have little benefit going face. Well what minions always/should go face? And the answer is not all Hunter cards. Here are the top Hearthstone face-goers.

In the face!!!

10. Leper Gnome – Leper Gnomes are a face staple because of their ability to put our 4 damage for 1 cost. If you want to crank out 6 damage, face is the place.

9. Cutpurse – You don’t see this guy much in the game, but his only use is going face. A 2/2 for 2 is not good. Usually, he won’t trade effectively. So just go face and get that Coin.

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8. Frothing Berserker – The Warrior Miracle card was pretty powerful when Warsong Commander  allowed a charge. Now he is more a “stop me if you can” guy. Still a very deadly face hitter.

7. Southsea Deckhand – The main Rogue charge minion , whose ability is helped much my Rogue daggers and Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil. The “Ha Ha” opening cry is 9/10 BM.

6. Wolfrider – This guy has a pretty badass attack cry of “Taste my steel!” It is not right if he isn’t saying that to a minion.

5. Arcane Golem – To play Arcane Golem, you have to give your opponent an extra mana crystal. Not worth it if you’re not going face.

4. Grommash Hellscream – Grom is a great card, given the plethora of enrage mechanics that the Warrior has. It’s also refreshing to see Warriors not armor up.

3. Huffer – Its a known fact that Hunters don’t like to trade, and when you get Huffer (which is always), it is a good idea to get closer to that W. If Huffer trades, take a screenshot!

2. Treant – It’s a known fact that Druids have spent thousands of years perfecting Force of Nature + Savage Roar. That’s probably what happens in the Emerald Dream.

  1. Leeroy Jenkins – He didn’t go into that cave with a plan. He didn’t wait for Pals for Life to give him enchantments. He didn’t become a pop culture icon by trading. If minion has to go face, it’s Leeroy.