Copyright Law for Gaming Content Creators

When I started this website, I entitled it The Tavern Blawg with the promise that it will, at least occasionally, touch on the “law” side of the “Blawg.” A few days ago, Polygon published an article (linked here) that found its way onto my twitter feed. The article discussed how Youtube will soon change the way […]

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Jerry-Rigged Footage of Reno Jackson

My Reno Rogue deck is likely the most useful deck I have ever created. I’m not a great constructed player (don’t ask about arena nowadays) at all, and this deck has now taken me to Rank 13 with 2 weeks left in the month. Rank 13 is typically around where I end my seasons, but with no gold to play arena, I have been forced to play constructed. And it has been a blessing in disguise since the Reno Rogue deck is refreshing and the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Below are some videos of some gameplay I recorded, mostly yesterday. Also Failure is playing in the vids, which is a band I like a lot.

There’s also a game in which I lost, which is not posted here, but is on the YouTube channel.