The Harms of Misinformation: Debunking the Myth You Can Ladder Well with Rogue

I’ve been hanging out on Hearthstone Reddit quite a bit, and there is the ongoing rage about frankly lousy Rogue cards. While overcomplaining is obviously toxic behavior, a common argument against the state of Rogue is that it is a fine class for laddering. People on this front often cite The TempoStorm Meta Snapshot as why the Rogue is actually fine. I went on TempoStorm to check out the Meta Snapshot.


Lo and behold, there are the two “viable decks” of Rogue in Tier 2. Anyone who plays Rogue to a good degree knows that it is pretty good against control, but pretty bad against faster decks. Malygos Rogue in particular is rather slow. While these decks could be better in the high ranks or in the Legend bracket, most people aren’t there. The people reading TempoStorm are probably somewhere between Rank 5 and Rank 15. Anyone who thinks a Rogue deck is on the same level as Tempo Mage in Rank 5 to Rank 15 is out of their gourd.

The Vicious Syndicate Data Reaper report, a great resource, relies on actual user submitted data. Let’s take a look at the latest report.

vs data reaper freq.PNG

Nothing new here. Just the same old sauce of Shaman being top dog, and Mage rising fast to #2. Thrall x Jaina powercouple confirmed.

Now look at this matchup log. Blue means winning, orange means losing.

vs data reaper matchup.PNG

There’s a big streak of dark blue over Paladin and Priest for Rogues. Rogue dominates over the two least played classes, and a control deck here and there.

Now finally, here are the win percentages Rogue does against the top 5 decks from Rank 10 to Rank 1.

  1. Midrange Shaman – 43.7%
  2. Tempo Mage – 47.1%
  3. Spell Druid – 46.2%
  4. Zoo Warlock – 45.3%
  5. Secret Hunter – 39.6%

Winning a below 50% clip doesn’t feel good. I should know! I’m like a 51 or 52% player on Ranked and always feel miserable playing.

So there you have it, people are misinformed, thinking that Rogue is a decent ladder class, when it clearly isn’t in this meta.You can still ladder with Rogue if you’re really good. But the average netdecker tryhard will be mislead.


An Update on Mediocrity

An Update on Mediocrity

I am fairly excited to play the Arena when Old Gods hits in a few days. With that in mind, I took a look at my class win averages, since I last wrote about it. I had an indication I was getting worse in the arena, and 98 games of proof is here.

Class Then Now
Rogue 5.8 5.65
Mage 5 4.77
Shaman 4.8 4.89
Warlock 4.6 4.41
Paladin 4.5 4.74
Hunter 4.2 4.19
Druid 3.8 3.88
Priest 3.2 3.64
Warrior 2.8 3.55


The Rogue and Warlock decreases are just part of the decline, and the Mage decrease has been felt the most, with me barely playing the class now. I have seen risers in Shaman and Paladin, and my trash tier classes. I do say I am very interested in playing Warrior and Shaman once the expansion hits the Arena. Mage and Paladin look OP again there, but my genuine inability to play Mage well hampers that a bit. I’ll probably still wind up autopicking Rogue in the Arena. I can’t wait.

Hearthstone Screenshot 04-23-16 23.51.50.png
My last GvG pack!